Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thoma's -- Marina Del Rey, CA

249 Lincoln Blvd
Venice, CA 90291

 The Marinater and I had to do something to put the memory of the over-priced and bland Patrick's Roadhouse behind us. Since The Marinater was already forging checks and prescriptions at the nearby CVS Pharmacy, it was a breeze to make our way across the lot to the nearby hamburger stand. I just had to set a dumpster on fire to distract the security team that was closing in on our big deal.

Thoma's #16 Original World Famous Hamburgers was a classic LA burger stand but with added benefit of indoor seating and some really shopworn video gaming machines. We ordered a couple of combos...double cheeseburgers, fries, and drinks with a side of chili....all for about 16 bucks. Our meals were ready in about 5 minutes. During our wait we enjoyed the familiar sounds of Star Wars "blasters."

The Burger Breakdown...

The Beef: Thoma's created their cheeseburgers from razor-thin, 1/4 pound patties. The wispy burger patties bowed into lenses as they cooked. The beef was moderately beefy. The patties were standard, food-service, previously-frozen, 80/20 Chuck. The burgers were moderately beefy. The texture of the medium grind patties was a little chewy. The beef was not especially juicy, but it was also not greasy. The beef was average.

The Seasoning: There was none.

The Sear: Thoma's only seared one side of the thin, burger patties. The cheese side caught an adequate sear, but the cheese saturated the sear. That cancelled out the crispness.

The Preparation: The cheeseburgers were quickly cooked to Well-Done. The patties were cooked on a properly hot griddle. These were clearly, pre-formed. The burgers were both served upside down.

The Cheese: Two slices of American Cheese was better than one. The Double Cheeseburger at Thoma's came with two slices of cheese, and this was what tied the dish together. The cheese was nicely melted. This created an appropriately creamy texture. Since the patties were thin, the cheese really worked its way throughout the bite.

The Bun: This was a standard, moist, fresh, non-seeded, mildly toasted, slightly sweet, and slightly yeasty hamburger bun. The bun was fine.

The Meat To Bun Ratio: This was perfect in the case of the double cheeseburger. A single would have resulted in a bun-heavy dish.

The Toppings: The shredded Iceberg Lettuce was fresh and sweet. The tomato slices were perfectly ripe.

The Chili: There was something guiltily satisfying about the creamy chili at Thoma's. It was greasy, meaty, savory, rich, and altogether addictive. I applied it to the second half of my burger and my fries. The Marinater looked on in disgust.

The Fries: The fries were just fine. These were pre-cut, par-cooked, frozen, and bagged fries. The staff at Thoma's fried them up, competently, in hot oil. The fries were crisp and golden.

The Value: $6.99 for a double cheeseburger, fries, and a drink. The value was solid at Thoma's.

This was an average burger for a really good price. We had sampled far more expensive burgers that were far less delicious. The double cheeseburger at Thoma's was nothing to write home about, but it checked all of the boxes. The burger was satisfying but not exceptional.

Burger Review : An average burger, but a superlative value was had at Thoma's #16 Original World Famous Hamburgers. Still, this average burger was superior to the Patrick's Roadhouse burgers in terms of quality, preparation, and value.

Rating...3 Bites

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Patrick's Roadhouse -- Santa Monica, CA

106 Entrada Drive
Santa Monica, CA 90402

The Burger Busters and the Mystery of the Empty Restaurant.

Happy Meal and I had a hankering for some seared beef. This time we decided to sample the burgers at Patrick's Roadhouse in Santa Monica, CA. It was right on the Pacific Coast Highway on the way to Malibu. The Marinater had been suggesting that we try this place for a couple of weeks in a row, since it kept coming up on his Groupon radar. Happy Meal and I swung by the giant crater where The Marinater was doing a sledge hammer workout and beckoned him to join us with the promise of a hot meal. The Marinater obliged. We found parking behind the restaurant, and once we had parked, a valet attendant popped over to inform us that we had to pay for the "service" in spite of the fact that we had parked ourselves, and there was no signage--we looked. $5.50 down the crapper right there...annoying.

We walked into a dead empty restaurant and bar. We were the only patrons at 7:00 pm on a Friday night. It was no wonder that Patrick's Roadhouse was posting a Groupon. It was deeply irksome that we paid a valet to NOT park the car only to wind up in an empty restaurant where space was certainly not at a premium. We were seated immediately. We ordered up a trio of burgers including the Dijon Plum Burger, which was the favorite of our server.

The speaker over our table was blaring while cutting in and out. Our server was oblivious to both the noise level and the fact that the equipment was malfunctioning. Since the restaurant was empty, and there was no staff to keep an eye on me, I climbed on a chair and shut that noise down.

Our burgers were ready in about 15 minutes

The Burger Breakdown...

The Beef: Ooof. The ten dollar cheeseburgers at Patrick's Roadhouse were mediocre at best. The patties weighed in at about 1/3 of a pound. The beef was bland Chuck. Yes, it was fresh, never frozen, 100% angus beef, but it was ten buck Chuck. The patties were moderately beefy. There was a very faint hint of aging., that was it...nothing going on with the beef of any interest. The fat content was about 20%. The beef was not dry or chewy. It just simply completely forgettable.

The Seasoning: There was a weak hint of salt on the exterior of the burger patties at Patrick's Roadhouse.

The Sear: Yawn....there was a faint and sort of spotty, grayish sear on the small, flat Chuck discs.

The Preparation: The burgers at Patrick's Roadhouse were cooked to Medium. The grind was also medium. This barely brought out the beefiness from the bland Chuck. The uniform burger patties were formed daily during shift prep.

The Cheese: We had the choice of American, Swiss, Cheddar, and Mozzarella. We went with American on our burgers. Even the creamy, umami-rich, savory American cheese was not enough to make these burgers interesting.

The Bun: The large buns were of the seeded, meagerly toasted, standard burger bun ilk. The buns were faintly yeasty and moderately sweet. The buns were relatively fresh--mostly the buns were too darn big for the wee burger patties.

The Meat To Bun Ratio: WAY TOO MUCH BUN.

The Toppings: For some odd reason Patrick's Roadhouse served both sweet dill pickle chips and sweet relish with their burgers. The Iceberg lettuce was fresh, and the tomato slices were fine. For an extra buck, we tried a cheeseburger with Dijon mustard and Plum Jam. It was fine...this combination tasted like a richer version of ketchup.

The Fries: The peel-on, potato fries were cut in-house. Sadly, these fries were on the lank side. The were undercooked. The Sweet Potato fries were delivered on a truck, and they were of the crinkle-cut variety. These fries arrives slightly burned. The Truffle Fries came with a wad of grated cheese. The Truffle Fries were lank and somewhat greasier than their non-truffled counterparts. $2.50 for regular fries. $3.00 for Sweet Potato. $5.00 for Truffle Fries with Parmesan. The up charge for these low-quality fries on top of the over-priced burgers was just another fiscal eff you courtesy of the diner-free Patrick's Roadhouse.

The Value: A mockery, an insult, a violation--just plain bad. The cheeseburgers at Patrick's Roadhouse were $9.95, and the Dijon Plum Burger was $10.95. Fries were extra. Even with the 10 for 20 Groupon, we were still out $22.20 (plus parking) on this over-priced shizz show. If we had paid the full boat of 47.70 bucks for that festival of blandness, my head would have exploded from indignation.

The Dijon Plum Burger
We quickly solved the mystery of the empty restaurant. Patrick's Roadhouse was haunted with price gouging mediocrity in a neighborhood blessed with amazing views and FAR BETTER food. Oh...Arnold Schwarzenegger has a table there with a giant metal chair.

Burger Review : This was expensive weakness on an over-sized bun. Patrick's Roadhouse had done an effective job of customer-proofing itself.

Rating...2 Bites (an average burger but a shamefully poor value)

28AUG12...Wayne, the manager of Patrick's Roadhouse engaged me on Yelp to argue about the experience that we had. That exchange is posted below, in its entirety, for your enjoyment:

Anthony H.

Anthony H.'s comment on your review:
Hi Pete, We do buy the BEST of every ingredient without exception! We are also full waiter service restuarant at the beach with ocean views.That comes with high overhead. The restaurant is packed at breakfast and lunch daily! Only opened in the evening (when you were there) very recently which explains the lack of patrons. We appreciate your patronage... 

Defending doesn't help your cause....offering a remedy in a public forum is far better. Not responding is a solid move, too.

You simply failed to address the fact that the food was bland.

Anthony H.

We have been serving fantastic burgers for 39 years. That speaks for itself. We thank you for your patronage.

I do find it baffling that you are arguing with an unhappy customer...this would be an opportunity to make it right with a customer that is talking with you.   You can read your full review at http://www.TheBurgerRevi…



Anthony H.

Now I understand. Your promoting your own blog site. Best of luck!


With that spicy attitude toward your customers, I think it is Patrick's Roadhouse that is need of some luck.

Again, I do find it baffling that you chose to argue with an unhappy customer rather than seek a way to make things right.

You are certainly doing your part to keep that dining room empty. If that is your goal, then I commend you on your fine and directed efforts.


Saturday, August 25, 2012

Fusion Burgers -- Los Angeles, CA

5933 York Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90042

Loyal reader, Joseph Bacon, hit us up on Facebook to get us to check out Fusion Burgers. Joseph Bacon not only has a kickass name, but he is also the creamed corn wrestling coach to the stars. Fusion Burgers, like Plan Check, had an Umami Burger pedigree. I hoped that the pedigree was from the pre-mediocre days. Umami Burger fell far and fast. Fusion Burgers was in the Highland Park district of Los Angeles. It was FAR (20 miles) from the world headquarters, but we travel far to sort things out for you.

Parking was plentiful and free in the small, attached lot.We were seated instantly. Betty, the manager, was super-friendly and informative. In addition to various facts about the preparation and ingredients, we learned that the newish Fusion Burgers was family-owned. I ordered a Classic burger and settled in for a ten-minute wait. The tasty smell of burgers sizzling on the griddle further whetted my appetite for a cheeseburger.

The Burger Breakdown...

The Beef: The cuts in the house-ground beef blend were a closely-guarded combination of primal cuts. I ventured to guess that Chuck, Sirloin, and Short Rib were the component cuts. The fat content was held down to 18% in the 7-ounce patties. The cheeseburger was strongly beefy. The patty was properly juicy. There was a faint flavor of funk from wet-aging. Much of the expected complexity was muted by a really strong note of iron. Other reviews related that the burgers were cooked in cast iron skillets, but Betty indicated that the burgers were seared on a cast-iron plancha. Regardless, the cooking surface was cast-iron. The strong iron taste led me to believe that the cooking surface was not properly seasoned. The bite was just right in terms of firmness and mouth feel. The coarse grind really let the quality of the beef shine through as it lingered on the palate.

The Seasoning: The exterior of the burger patty was dusted with a peppery/savory spice blend. This was appropriate to the beefiness of the burger. It served to further enhance the competent sear.

The Sear: Yes! The sear on the burgers at Fusion Burgers was thin and crisp. That was the advantage of cooking on cast-iron. We saw a similar sear on the burgers from The Brindle Room in NYC. The sear was completely enjoyable and satisfying.

The Preparation: The beef was ground and blended in-house. The burger patties were hand-formed ever so gently to create a loose, hearty bite. Fusion Burgers nailed the request to cook my burger Medium-Rare.

The Cheese: Bah. This was White Cheddar, but it was relatively uninteresting. American Cheese would have amped up the Umami in this burger. Honestly, the burger would have been just fine without the cheese. The cheese was properly melted, though.

The Bun: The bun at Fusion Burgers was a fresh, moist, moderately toasted, seeded Portuguese Roll from Melrose Baking Company. The bun was mildly sweet. Mostly it served to deliver juicy, seared ground beef from plate to face. The bun performed that simple task most adequately.

The Meat To Bun Ratio: Perfect...just perfect.

The Toppings: The Bibb lettuce was fresh and sweet, and the roasted tomato slice provided a nice hit of sour and umami.

The Fries: These were an extra $2.50, and that was way too much for spuds. Still, the fries were cut in-house. The fries at Fusion Burgers tasted strongly of the earth. I really got the sense that I was consuming a tuberous root. I found the strong potato flavor refreshing. The fries were properly crisp, golden, and salted.

The Value: The Classic burger at Fusion Burgers was $8.50. The fries were $2.50, and a beverage was $2.00. That was $13 bucks for a better than average cheeseburger meal in a location that was a little dodgy. The value was average.

Fusion Burgers served up a cheeseburger that surpassed the then-current quality exhibited by the once mighty Umami Burger. The ingredients were strong, and so was the preparation. The sole failing was the iron-heavy flavor from the under-seasoned cast-iron cooking surface.

Burger Review : Fusion Burgers made a darn fine, high-quality burger without employing the trickery of its Umami Burger roots.

Rating...4 Bites

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Big Dean's Oceanfront Cafe--Santa Monica, CA

1615 Ocean Front Walk
Santa Monica, CA 90401

I was bumming around Santa Monica with The Marinater when he suddenly, and without provocation, turned on me. Something to the effect of "If I don't eat soon, I will turn your brain pan into an ashtray" was muttered. I found this especially disconcerting, since the SOB didn't even smoke. Fortunately, another friend had mentioned that I hadn't lived until I had tried a burger from Big Dean's Oceanfront Cafe (Big Dean's). Big Dean's was located just in front of the Santa Monica Pier. It was the sort of place that you really had to seek out, because it was tucked away enough that I would have never stumbled upon it. Big Dean's had been in existence for 110 years.

The vibe and look of Big Dean's was beach bar, and rightly so. Parking was the usual Santa Monica hassle, but that was to be expected on a Friday evening. We found immediate seating in the back patio area where a crowd of locals had already established camp. We ordered a couple of Big Dean's Cheese Burgers. These were double meat and double cheese cheeseburger for $7.75. We could have opted for singles ($6.00), but the nascent threat of my skull being used as a tobacco accessory was still resonating with me. Our burgers were ready in about 10 minutes.

The Burger Breakdown...

The Beef: The twin 1/4 pound patties packed a wallop of beef flavors. It was like getting punched in the face with a beef boxing glove. While this was Chuck, it was high-quality Chuck. The fat content was only 12%. In spite of the leanness, the burgers were very juicy. There was a nice funk from some aging. This was Chuck, so it did lack the complex undertone of other cuts of beef. Still, the burgers at Big Dean's Oceanfront Cafe tasted EXACTLY the way that cheeseburgers should. The beef was a straight up winner.

The Seasoning: Yep--salt and pepper on the exterior of the thin patties. The salt and pepper perfectly complemented the strong beefy flavor.

The Sear: Considering the thinness of the burger patties, the sear was really good. It was not a deep, thick monster of a sear, but it was crisp, dark, and rich. The sear added a dimension of flavor from the Maillard Reaction to the burger. This was both expected and welcomed. As expected, the thin patties were cooked to Well-Done, but this was a juicy and properly seared Well-Done.

The Preparation: Everything about the preparation of the Big Dean's Cheese Burgers was as it should have been. The burger patties were formed, by hand, on a daily basis from pre-ground Chuck. As we savored our tasty burgers, a small group of locals told us that Big Dean's was their regular burger fix. For some, this was the first food that they sought out after an out-of-town trip.

The Cheese: American cheese and two slices of atop each burger patty in the double cheeseburger. American cheese has always been my "go to" cheese. In this case, it was perfectly melted. It provided the usual, reliable hits of creamy, gooey, savory, and umami.

The Bun: The buns at Big Dean's were delivered three times each week by Gallaso's Bakery. These were fresh, moist, yeasty, seeded, slightly sweet, standard burger buns. The buns were nicely toasted, and this provided a bit of satisfying crunch around the edge of the burger.

The Meat To Bun Ratio: This was perfect. The bun contained the juices and molten cheese without upstaging the beef on the palate.

The Toppings: The Iceberg lettuce was fresh, sweet, and crisp. The tomato slices were ripe and hearty.

The Fries/Rings: The fries were just fine. Previously frozen, crinkle-cut, peel-off, and par-cooked. The fries and rings were properly crisped and browned in fresh, hot oil.

The Value: Heck yes! $7.75 for a really, really good double cheeseburger. Big Dean's served up a burger with much better than average value.

It was no wonder that Big Dean's Oceanfront Cafe had attracted and maintained such a loyal following of locals. The restaurant was located in an area that was infested with tourists. Big Dean's could have phoned in the food and still done a fine "one and done" business by over-charging tourists for sub-par chow. Instead, they served up quality burgers with pride. It was a pity that more establishments didn't follow this simple formula. From Eddy, our server, to TJ, the manager, Big Dean's staff was inviting, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic.

Burger Review : All burgers should be at least as good at the cheeseburgers at Big Dean's. Basic ingredients cooked with care and pride resulted in a darn fine burger.

Rating...5 Bites (4 bites with a 1/2 point bonus for great service--4.5 Bites)


Saturday, August 18, 2012

Top of the Notch Restaurant--Mt. Baldy, CA

Mt. Baldy, CA 91759

The Burger Busters will go to amazing lengths to seek out and review burgers so that you don't have to. In this installment we went to the top of a mountain to sample a burger in a restaurant only accessible by a pleasant chairlift ride. I guess we could have hiked for several hours, but I was in no mood to carry a whining Happy Meal up and down a mountain.It was the last weekend of Happy Meal's Summer Vacation, and I wanted to end his Summer on a memorable note.We made the hour-long drive from LA to Mt. Baldy.  This took us through Claremont, CA. Claremont is home of the Back Abbey--I hear that burger is great. Happy Meal and I ignored that siren's call and drove 10 or so more miles into the mountains to the chairlifts at Mt. Baldy. From there we rode among the treetops to the lodge near the top of the mountain.

At the end of the ride, we walked over to the Top of the Notch Restaurant, AKA Mount Baldy Bar and Yacht Club. Happy Meal was immediately impressed by the free foosball. We ordered a couple of The Notch Burgers with fries at $10.25 apiece. Our burgers arrived in about 20 minutes.

The Burger Breakdown...

The Beef: The beef at Top of the Notch Restaurant was grim at best. This burger had clearly started its day as a frozen, and pre-formed Chuck patty. The burger patty was 1/3 of a pound. The beef was chewy, dry, rubbery, and bland. The grind was quite fine, and this further lent to the dryness and chewiness. The beef was around 20% in terms of fat, but this did not help the leathery mouth feel. This was pretty much a school lunch/airplane quality cheeseburger. This was not entirely surprising,

The Seasoning: There was none.

The Sear: The sear was pretty thorough. In fact, the dry discs that served as the foundation of our cheeseburgers were nearly vulcanized. That sear did not positively contribute to the burger in terms of texture or flavor, however.

The Preparation: The beef discs appeared to have been run through a charbroiling conveyor. The burgers had an even sear and grill marks.

The Cheese: The cheeseburgers at Top of the Notch Restaurant came with a choice of Cheddar, Pepper Jack, or Swiss. We opted for Cheddar on our burgers. The Cheddar was bland and completely lost in the bite. The too large bun and the dry beef rendered the cheese invisible to the palate.

The Bun: The bun was a ciabatta roll. The bun was reasonably fresh. It was relatively bland, and it was not toasted sufficiently to give it any crunch.

The Meat To Bun Ratio: The ciabatta roll dwarfed the 1/3-pound patty.

The Fries: The fries at Top of the Notch Restaurant were fine. These were of the peel-off, par-cooked, and previously frozen variety. The thin fries were properly cooked to a nice crispness. They were finished with an appropriate dusting of granulated salt. The fries were a winner.

The Toppings: Ugh...the tomato slices were hard and greenish. The Romaine lettuce leaves were flaccid.

The Value: We had a Groupon. We spent $29 for two lift tickets and a $20 food voucher. We paid an additional $6 for the tip and drinks. That got us to $35 for a terrific experience but some really weak chow.  Even with the discount, the value was mediocre. I certainly would never advocate that anyone venture to Top of the Notch Restaurant at Mt. Baldy, CA for the cheeseburgers.

Happy Meal was duly impressed by the new experience. I was delighted to have shared it with him. Happy Meal handled his first chairlift ride like a champ. He also took down that burger like a pro.

Burger Review : Terrific scenery and a fun ride. Sadly, what awaits one at the end of this particular rainbow is a dismally bland and over-priced cheeseburger. Pass.

Rating...2 Bites

Editor's Note: Happy Meal and I returned, because he really liked riding the chair lift. On this visit, the burger was much improved. It was juicy and beefy. The bun was sweet and moist. The burger on this visit was just fine.

Monday, August 13, 2012

The Hollywood Corner--Hollywood, CA

1156 North Highland Ave.
Hollywood, CA 90038

Another weekend, and another Groupon. Again, I busted The Marinater out of the Lompoc Supermax where he was doing a nickel for injecting fruit bats with growth hormone (crazy effer). We found street parking with relative ease. We were quickly seated at the back bar where The Marinater's aggressive, anti-Finnish facial tats (man, he hates the Finns) and my freakish good looks would not startle the other patrons of the busy restaurant. We ordered a couple of the Peoples burgers. The Peoples burger listed at $9.95, but the Groupon lessened the sting. Our burgers arrived in about 15 minutes. During that time, we chilled and got our Olympic Dressage on. We marveled at the fact that we lived in a world where making prancing horses pretty was actually viewed as a sport.

The Burger Breakdown...

The Beef: The burger meat at The Hollywood Corner was 8 ounces of plain old Chuck. In this case, 10 buck Chuck. The beef was moderately juicy. It was about 20% fat, so not too oily. There were no hints of aging, minerals, blood, or other elements that would have made this relatively beefy burger interesting. This was a one-note burger patty. It tasted of beef and that was it--that came from the melted collagen from the Chuck. And that was why we order our Chuck burgers Medium. Otherwise, this would have been a bland disaster. The mouth feel was barely chewy. It just wasn't an interesting burger.

The Seasoning: Only the exterior of the patty was seasoned with a mild hit of salt. It could have used more seasoning to compensate for the tame beef.

The Sear: The kitchen staff at The Hollywood Corner got an adequate sear on the burger with a properly hot gas-fired grill. The sear was not crisp, but it was relatively even.

The Preparation: The burgers were hand-formed during the prep cycle. The patties were not over-worked, so the beef was not chewy. The burgers were turned three times on the grill, and that was two times too many. The burger patties were not pressed as they cooked, so the juices were retained. They did nail the Medium cooking temperature that I had requested. The kitchen staff was competent, but they were working with completely average ingredients.

The Cheese: The Hollywood Corner employed a bland Cheddar. While it was properly melted, it was bland. The cheese was absent on the palate. Even after the dry top bun was removed, the Cheddar still failed to deliver.

The Bun: This was a big, honking, seeded Kaiseresque affair from France Bakery. The bun was probably a lot better on Friday...when it was fresh. That said, the bun was properly toasted. It was mildly sweet and just a little yeasty.

The Meat To Bun Ratio: The big, dry bun was the clear winner of this contest.

The Toppings: The mixed greens and tomato were market fresh and perfectly ripe.

The Fries: The peel-off shoestring fries were delivered par-cooked and frozen. The fries at The Hollywood Corner were crisp and golden...just right. The seasoning was also spot on.

The Value: 10 bucks for a 1/2 pound burger with fries was about average. The value was worsened by the stale bun, but the discounted price sort of made up for that. I would have been far less happy had I paid full boat for this thing.

The Hollywood Corner served up a really average burger and some pretty good fries. It didn't merit the price tag. I certainly wouldn't seek it out on purpose for a second go around.

Burger Review : Average, nothing special, meh.

Rating...3 Bites

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Bloom Cafe -- Los Angeles, CA

5544 Pico Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90019

Bloom Cafe had been recommended to me by someone. Fortunately, I had already forgotten who suggested this spot, because this was not a happy experience in terms of burgers, service, freshness, accuracy of the menu, or...anything.

Happy Meal and I found metered street parking less than a block away. We were seated promptly in the 1/4 full restaurant. We ordered a a couple of Grass Fed 8oz Burgers, and then we settled in for a 25-minute wait. Our waiter, rather than checking on the status of our order was occupied with texting....neat. When our cheeseburgers finally arrived, mine was cooked to an blistering Well-Done. I sent it back with a request to deliver the re-fire in less than 25 minutes. Our waiter proclaimed. "I do not work in the kitchen." Our waiter was not very good at his job.The kitchen managed to get out the second burger in 15 minutes. That was a 40-minute wait for a burger. I took a few bites and realized that the burger was scorched, and the toppings and sides were of such low quality (rotten and cold) that I could not have taken even one more bite. Upon noting my clear displeasure, the waiter: "What is wrong with it this time?" I provided the top three reasons why the burger was inedible, and again the reply, "I do not work in the kitchen."

The Burger Breakdown...

First Try (25 minutes)
Second Try (15 minutes)
The Beef: Bloom Cafe proudly announced that they served grass-fed beef. What I tasted was greasy, bland Chuck. It was not remotely beefy in flavor. There was not a single hint of aging, minerals, or anything interesting in the burger. What I did get was a overwhelming note of carbon, which told me that my cheeseburger had been sitting in the smoke of its own burning fat as it cooked. The fat content was about 25%. The grind was medium. Based on the quality of the preparation, I promptly lost all interest in the origin of the beef. The kitchen did not care enough to prepare to food with care, so it was safe to assume that the ingredients were nothing special. This was an oily, bland, scorched mess.

The Seasoning: If bitter carbon was a seasoning, then Bloom liberally seasoned the hell out of the exterior of my burger. I detected a faint note of salt on Happy Meals less jacked up cheeseburger. The seasoning was weak and careless.

The Sear: Bah! The burger received some average grill marks.

The Preparation: Careless.

The Cheese: Bloom Cafe offered Bleu, Swiss, and Cheddar. I went with Cheddar. It was bland, and it was lost in the greasy, scorched beef of the burger patty.

The Bun: This was an average and bland brioche. The bun was meagerly toasted. It seemed that 15 minutes was not enough time to cook a Medium burger AND toast a bun. I was not a fan of the oily exterior of the bun...the burger was greasy enough.

The Meat To Bun Ratio: This was probably fine, but I lost track during the avalanche of failure.

The Topping and Sides: This was even more appalling than the service or the poor quality of preparation. The "Live Lettuce" was, in reality, the past-its-prime, brown-veined center leaves of a head of Iceberg Lettuce. The tomato was rubbery and bland. That was as good as it got. The side salad that came with the burger contained rotten, blackened bits of greens. This was indicative of being in the bag for too long and being served by a staff that did not care. The brown rice that I opted for in lieu of fries was cold in the center. BLEAK.

The Fries: Shockingly, the fries were pretty good. They were crisp and nicely seasoned.

The Value: The cheeseburger at Bloom Cafe would have been an awful value at $1. At $10, it was simply offensive. My burger was comped, but this was still an utter waste of time and gas.

Bloom Cafe didn't set the bar low--Bloom Cafe threw the bar on the ground, and then the Sunday crew tunneled under the bar as if to perform some sort of subterranean limbo. Bad ingredients, bad service, and bad preparation all led to an inedible burger.

Burger Review : Epic Fail.

This what passed for Live Lettuce at Bloom Cafe
Rating... 1Bite (one of the worst ever)

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(1) B&B Burger & Beer Review (1) Baby's Badass Burgers Review (1) Bachi Burger (3) Bachi Burger Review (3) Bad Daddy's Burger Bar Burger (1) Bad Daddy's Burger Bar Review (1) Balboa Cafe burger (1) Balboa Cafe review (1) Bar Food Burger (1) Bar Food Burger Review (1) Bare Burger (1) Bare Burger LA (1) Bare Burger Los Angeles (1) Bare Burger Santa Monica (1) Bare Burger SoCal (1) BareBurger (2) BareBurger Review (1) Bareburger Santa Monica (1) Barney's Gourmet Hamburgers (1) Barney's Gourmet Hamburgers review (1) Bashan Burger Review (1) Bashan review (1) belvedere burger (1) belvedere burger review (1) Best Cheeseburger in LA (2) best burger (4) best burger in America (8) Best Burger in LA (2) Best Burger in Las Vegas (1) Best burger in Los Angeles (2) Best burger in San Francisco (1) best cheeseburger (5) best cheeseburger in america (4) Best Cheeseburger in LA (3) Beverly hills burger (9) Beverly Hills Diner burger (1) beverly hills diner burger review (1) Big Dean's Burger Review (1) Big Dean's Oceanfront Cafe Burger (1) big tomy's burger (1) big tomy's burger review (1) big tomys burger (1) Billingsley's Burger (1) Billingsley's Burger Review (1) BJ's Burger Review (1) BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse Burger (1) BK Stuffed Steakhouse. BK Stuffed Steakhouse review (1) Black Label Burger (1) Bloom Cafe Burger (1) Bloom Cafe Burger Review (1) BLT Burger (2) BLT Burger Review (2) Blu La Cafe burger review (1) Blu LA Cafe review (1) Blue Dog Beer Tavern Burger (1) Bluebird Cafe burger (1) Bluebird Cafe burger review (1) BLVD 16 Burger (1) BLVD 16 review (1) BOA Steakhouse Burger (1) BOA Steakhouse Burger Review (1) Bobby's Burger Palace Burger Review (1) Bobby's Burger Palace Review (1) Boca Burger Review (1) BOMBURGER burger review (1) BOMBURGER Review (1) Boston's Burger (1) Boston's Review (1) Bouchon Burger (1) Bouchon Burger Review (1) Boxwood Cafe Burger review (1) Bradley Ogden Burger (1) Bradly Ogden Burger Review (1) Brandt Beef (3) Bravissimo Cafe and Pizzeria burger (1) Bravissimo Cafe and Pizzeria review (1) breadbar (2) breadbar burger review (2) brentwood burger review (1) brgr burger (2) brgr review (2) Brick + Mortar burger (1) Brick + Mortar burger review (1) Broadway Burger Bar and Grill Burger Review (2) Broadway Burger Bar and Grill Review (1) Buddy V's Ristorante Burger (1) Buddy V's Ristorante Burger Review (1) burger (275) burger and barrel burger review (1) burger and barrel review (1) burger bar burger review (1) burger bar review (1) Burger Battles (1) Burger Battles sizzle reel (1) Burger Boss Review (1) Burger House Review (1) Burger Joint (1) Burger Joint Burger (1) Burger Joint Burger Review (1) Burger King review (1) Burger Kitchen (3) burger kitchen burger (1) burger kitchen review (3) Burger Lounge (2) Burger Lounge Review (2) Burger news (7) Burger recipe (1) burger review (327) burger review sizzle reel (1) burger review TV pilot (1) Burgerim Burger Review (1) Burgerim Review (1) California Burgers Burger (1) California Burgers Review (1) Candle Cafe and Grill Burger (1) cape coral burger (1) Cape Coral Florida Burger Review (1) Capitol Burgers (1) Capitol Burgers Review (1) carls jr burger (1) carls jr. burger review (1) Carlsbad burger review (5) Carney's Burger (1) Carney's Burger Review (1) cassell's burger (1) cassell's burger review (1) cassell's hamburgers (1) cassell's Hamburgers review (1) Caveman Kitchen Burger (1) Caveman Kitchen Burger Review (1) century city burger (10) century city burger review (10) Char-Grill burger (1) Char-Grill review (1) charlie palmer burger (1) charlie palmer burger review (1) Charlotte Burger (1) Charlotte Burger Review (1) cheeseburger (309) cheeseburger recipe (1) Chef Sang Yoon (1) cherry cricket burger (1) cherry cricket review (1) CIty Tavern Burger (1) City Tavern Review (1) Claim Jumper burger (1) Claim Jumper review (1) Claremont Burger Review (3) comme ca (2) comme ca burger (2) comme ca review (2) consumer reports burger survey (1) continental burgers (1) Cook burgers at home (1) Costa Mesa Burger (1) Courtney Jones (1) Craft Burger (1) craft burger review (1) Create Burger (1) Create Burger Review (1) Create gourmet burgers and custard (1) cube burger review (1) cube cafe review (1) Cube Marketplace and Cafe burger (1) culver city burger (10) Damon and Pythias Burger (1) Damon and Pythias Burger Review (1) DBGB Kitchen and Bar review (1) Dear John's burger (1) Dear John's burger review (1) del mar burger review (1) denver burger review (6) DG burger (1) DG Burger review (1) dino's chicken and burgers (1) dino's chicken and burgers review (1) Dolce Isola Burger (1) Dolce Isola Burger Review (1) Duke's Malibu Burger (1) Duke's Malibu Burger Reivew (1) eagle rock burger (2) Earl's Burger (1) Earl's Gourmet Grub Burger (1) Earl's Gourmet Grub review (1) Earl's Restaurant and Bar (1) Eat That Burger Review (1) Eighty/20 Cheeseburger review (1) El Burger Luchador Review (1) El Nopal Burger (1) El Nopal Burger Review (1) El Segundo Burger (1) Ercoles Burger (1) Ercoles Burger Review (1) Eureka burger (1) eureka burger review (2) Eureka Tasting Kitchen review (1) eurekaburger (1) Eurekaburger review (1) Farmer Boys Burger (1) Farmer Boys Burger Review (1) Fast food burger survey (1) Fat Choy Burger (1) Fat Choy Burger Review (1) Fatburger (1) Fatburger Review (1) father's office review (3) fathers office burger (3) Fish and Farm Burger (1) Fish and Farm burger review (1) Five guys burger (7) Five guys burgers and fires review (1) Five Guys burgers and fries (2) five guys review (4) Five Napkin Burger review (1) Florida (1) florida burger review (9) food truck (1) ford's filling station burger (1) ford's filling station burger review (1) fort myers (1) Fort Myers burger (3) Foster's Grille Burger (1) Foster's Grille Burger Review (1) Fraiche burger (1) Fraiche Burger Review (1) Fuku Burger (1) Fuku Burger Review (1) Fusion Burgers (1) Fusion Burgers Review (1) Gardena Burger (1) Genesis Bar and Restaurant burger (1) Genesis Bar and Restaurant review (1) george petrelli's steak house burger (1) george petrelli's steak house review (1) glendale (1) Glendale Burger (3) Go Burger Los Angeles Review (1) Go Burger Review (1) Gold Star Hamburgers (1) Gold Star Hamburgers Review (1) golden state (1) Good Stuff burger (1) Good Stuff burger review (1) Good Times burger (1) good times burger review (1) good times review (1) goodburger (1) Gordon Ramsay Burger (1) Gordon Ramsay BurGR burger review (1) Gordon Ramsay BurGR review (1) Great American Burger Truck (1) Great American Burger Truck Review (1) Grill 'em All Review (1) Grill 'em All Truck Burger (1) grilled cheese burger (1) Grind Burger (1) Grind Burger Bar and Lounge Review (1) Grind Burger Bar and Lounge Turkey Burger (1) Grind Burger Review. (1) gulfstream burger (1) gulfstream review (1) h burger (1) hamburger Habit burger (1) Hamburger Habit Review (1) Hamburger Hamlet burger (1) Hamburger Hamlet review (1) Hamburger Haven burger (1) Hamburger Haven review (1) hamburger mary (1) Hamburger Mary's review (1) Harrah's Burger (1) Hash House A Go Go Burger (1) Hash House A Go Go Burger review (1) Hawthorne Burger (1) HB Burger review (1) hburger (1) hburger burger review (1) hburger review (1) Heart Attack Grill (1) Heart Attack Grill Burger (1) Heart Attack Grill Burger Review (1) Heart Attack Grill Review (1) Hearty Deli Burger (1) Hearty Deli Burger Review (1) highland park burger (1) hinano burger (1) hinano review (1) hole in the wall burger (2) hole in the wall burger review (2) hole in the wall review (2) Hollywood Burger Review (4) Hollywood Florida Burger Review (1) Holsteins Burger (1) Holsteins burger review (1) Home Burger Recipe (1) Hook Burger Bistro (1) Hook Burger Bistro Review (1) houston's burger (1) houston's review (1) howards cheeseburger (1) howards review (1) hubert keller burger (1) Huntington Beach Burger Review (1) I Love Burgers (1) I Love Burgers Review (1) In-N-Out Burger new locations (1) In-N-Out Burger review (1) In-N-Out Burger texas (1) in-n-out review (1) inland empire burger (2) Irv's burger (1) Irv's review (1) Islands Burger (1) Islands Burger Review (1) Jackson Hole burger (1) Jackson Hole review (1) jakes of pasadena burger (1) jakes of pasadena burger review (1) Jax Bar and Grill Burger (1) Jax Bar and Grill Review (1) JG Melon burger (1) JG Melon review (1) jim's burger haven (1) jim's burger haven review (1) Jimbo's Burger (1) Jimbo's Burger Review (1) jnj burger (2) jnj burger review (2) jnj burger shack (2) Johnny Rockets Burger Review (1) Johnny Rockets Review (1) jollibee burger (2) jollibee review (1) Juicy Burger (1) Juicy Burger Review (1) Junior's Deli burger (1) Junior's Deli burger review (1) Kahou Teriyaki Fire Roof Burger (1) Kahou Teriyaki Fire Roof Burger Review (1) Kalbi burger (1) kalbi burger review (1) Kansas Burger (1) Karl Strauss burger (1) Karl Strauss review (1) Kerry's Gourmet Burgers (2) Ketchup Premium Burger Bar (1) Ketchup Premium Burger Bar Review (1) Ketchy's II burger (1) Ketchy's II review (1) KGB Burger (2) KGB Burger Review (2) Kobeyaki Burger (1) Kobeyaki Burger Review (1) kosher burger (1) kosher burger review (1) L.A. Burger (3) LA burger (110) LA burger review (217) La Dijonaise burger (1) La Dijonaise review (1) la grande orange burger (1) la grande orange review (1) La Paryse burger (1) La Paryse review (1) Landrys burger (1) Landrys Seafood House burger (1) Landrys Seafood House burger review (1) LarkCreekSteak Burger (1) LarkCreekSteak Burger Review (1) las vegas burger (33) las vegas burger review (34) Lazy Daisy Cafe Burger (1) Lazy Daisy Cafe Burger Review (1) LBS A Burger Joint (1) LBS burger (1) LBS Burger Review (1) le burger brasserie burger (1) le burger brasserie burger review (1) Le Tub burger (1) le tub burger review (1) Le Tub Review (1) Lemon Moon Burger (1) Lemon Moon Burger Review (1) Library Alehouse burger (1) Library Alehouse Burger review (1) literati bar and grill (1) literati burger review (1) literati cafe (1) Little Doms Burger (1) Little Doms Burger Review (1) London Burger (1) Long Beach Burger (1) Long Beach burger review (4) los angeles burger (102) Los Angeles burger review (198) Los Feliz Burger Review (1) Luce burger (1) luce burger review (1) Lucy's 51 burger (1) Lucy's 51 burger review (1) Lulu B's burger (1) lulu b's review (1) Luna Park burger (1) Luna Park burger review (1) Lure Fishbar Burger (1) Lure Fishbar Burger Review (1) M Street Kitchen Burger (1) M Street Kitchen Burger Review (1) Macy's Signature Kitchen (1) Mad Dogz and Burgers (1) Mad Dogz and Burgers Review (1) Malibu Burger (1) Malibu Burger Review (1) man vs food (1) Mandy's Family Restaurant Review. (1) manhattan Beach burger review (4) Manhattan Kansas Burger Review (1) Marc Burger (1) Marc Burger Review (1) Marie Callender's Burger (1) Marie Callender's Burger review (1) Mario Batali Burger (1) marlowe's burger (1) marlowe's burger review (1) Marty's burger review (1) Marty's Hamburger Stand Review (1) Master Burger (1) Master Burger Review (1) Melody Bar and Grill Burger (1) Melody Bar and Grill Review (1) mels drive-in burger (1) mels drive-in burger review (1) MeSoHungry Burger (1) MeSoHungry Burger Review (1) MeSoHungry Truck review (1) Messhall Kitchen (1) Messhall Kitchen Burger (1) Messhall Kitchen Burger Review (1) Minetta Tavern Black Label Burger Review (1) Minetta Tavern Burger Review (1) MIRU 8691 (3) MIRU 8691 burger (4) MIRU 8691 burger review (4) mission beach cafe burger (1) mission beach cafe burger review (1) Mo Better Burger (1) Mo Better Burger Review (1) Mojo Grill (1) Mojo Grill burger review (1) Mon Ami Gabi Burger (1) Mon Ami Gabi Burger Review (1) Montreal burger review (1) Mt. Baldy Burger (1) Munchbar Burger (1) Munchbar Burger Review (1) Munson Premium Angus Beef (1) MVP's Burger Review (1) MVP's Grill and Patio Burger (1) naples burger (1) Naples burger review (1) Neri's Curbside Cravings Burger (1) Neri's Curbside Cravings Burger Review (1) new york burger review (24) New York State burger review (1) News (1) Nice Matin burger (1) Nikki burger (1) Nikki Venice Burger Review (1) norms burger (2) norms burger review (2) norms review (2) North Carolina Burger Review (1) Not A Burger Stand Burger Review (1) Not A Burger Stand Review (1) nyc burger (23) nyc burger review (23) o'connell's pub review (1) o'connells pub burger (1) OBurger burger (1) Oburger burger review (1) OBurger review (1) OC burger (5) Ocala (1) Ocala burger review (1) Oceanside Burger (1) Oceanside Burger Review (1) Oh My Burger (1) Oh My Burger review (1) oinkster burger (1) oinkster review (1) Olives Burger (1) Olives Burger Review (1) Olympian Burgers (1) Olympian Burgers Review (1) Olympic Burger (1) Olympic Burger Review (1) Omaha Steaks Burger (1) Omaha Steaks Burger Review (1) Orange County burger review. (2) orlando burger review (1) Oxnard Burger (1) Oxnard Burger Review (1) P.J. Clarke's burger (1) P.J. Clarke's Sidebar burger (1) P.J. Clarke's Sidebar review (1) Parlour Steakhouse burger (1) Parlour Steakhouse review (1) pasadena burger review (3) Pat's burger (1) Pat's review (1) Patricks Roadhouse Burger (1) Patricks Roadhouse Burger Review (1) Patty Wagon burger (1) Patty Wagon Burger Review (1) Paul's Da Burger Joint (1) Paul's Da Burger Joint Review (1) Peas and Carrots burger review (1) Peas and Carrots burger (1) Pelican Grill Burger (1) Pelican Grill Burger Review (1) Pelican Hill Burger (1) philly west (1) philly west burger (1) philly west review (1) Pie 'n Burger (1) Pie 'n Burger review (1) Pier Burger (1) Pier Burger Review (1) Pittsburgh burger review (1) PJ Clarkes Burger (1) PJ Clarkes Burger Review (1) Plan Check Burger (1) Plan Check Burger Review (1) Planet Dailies Burger (1) Planet Dailies Burger Review (1) Plate 38 Burger (1) Plate 38 Burger Review (1) Polo Lounge burger (1) Polo Lounge review (1) Pono Burger (1) Pono Burger Review (1) Pop Burger (1) Pop Burger Review (1) Postrio Burger (1) Postrio Burger Review (1) pregnant burrito (1) R + D Kitchen Burger (1) R +D KItchen Review (1) R and D Kitchen (1) Racks and Tails Burger (1) Racks and Tails Burger Review (1) Raleigh burger review (1) rally burger (1) rally burger review (1) Rally's burger (1) rally's burger review (1) Rambos Kitchen Burger (1) Rambos Kitchen Burger Review (1) ramen burger (1) Rare Bar and Grill (1) Rare burger review (1) Rascal Burger (1) Rascal Burger Review (1) red mill burgers review (1) Redlands burger review (1) Redondo Beach burger (1) Redondo Beach burger review (1) Reggie's Bistro burger (1) Reggie's Bistro Burger Review (1) review (1) Riverside Burger (1) Riverside Burger Review (1) Roam Artisan Burgers (1) Roam Artisan Burgers Review (1) Rock Sugar Burger (1) rock sugar burger review (1) ROFL Cafe Burger (1) ROFL Cafe Burger Review (1) Rounds Premium Burgers (1) Rounds Premium Burgers Review (1) Rubidoux CA burger (1) Ruby's Diner Burger (2) Ruby's Diner Premium Burger Review (1) Ruby's Diner Review (2) Ruby's Ultimate Kobe Burger (1) Rue 57 burger (1) rue 57 review (1) Rush Street Burger (1) Rush Street Burger Review (1) Rustic Canyon Burger (1) Rustic Canyon Burger Review (1) S and W Country Diner burger (1) Salt's Cure Burger (1) Salt's Cure Burger Review (1) San Clemente Burger (1) san diego burger (1) san diego burger review (1) San Fernando Valley Burger Review (8) San Francisco Burger (12) San Francisco Burger Review (13) San Francisco Saloon Co. Burger (1) San Francisco Saloon Co. Burger Review (1) Sandos Burger Review (1) Sandos Sub Shop Burger (1) Sandos Sub Shop Burger Review (1) Sang Yoon (1) Santa Monica burger (30) Santa Monica burger review (31) Sauce On Hampton burger (2) Sauce On Hampton burger review (2) seattle burger review (1) Seoul Sausage Company Burger (1) Seoul Sausage Company Burger Review (1) Seoul Sausage Company Review (1) SF burger review (6) SFV Burger Review (1) Shaka Shack Burgers (1) Shaka Shack Burgers Review (1) shake shack burger (1) shake shack review (1) Sherman Oaks Burger Review (1) Short Order (1) Short Order Burger (1) simmys burger (1) simmzys burger review (2) six dollar burger review (1) Slater's 50/50 burger (1) Slater's 50/50 Burger Review (1) Smashburger Culver City (1) smashburger review (2) SmithHouse Burger (1) SmithHouse Burger Review (1) Snake Pit Ale House Burger (1) Snake Pit Ale House Burger Review (1) SoCAL burger review (232) SoCAL burger review. culver city burger (1) south beverly grill burger (1) south beverly grill burger review (1) Spruce Burger (1) Spruce Burger Review (1) square 1 (1) square 1 burgers and bar (1) square 1 review (1) St. Louis burger (1) st. louis burger review (1) Stanley's Burger (1) Stanley's Restaurant burger (1) Stanley's Restuarant Burger Review (1) Steak 'n' Shake 7x7 burger (1) Steak 'n' Shake 7x7 burger review (1) Steak 'n' Shake burger (1) Steak 'n' Shake burger review (2) Steak 'n' Shake reivew (1) Steingarten LA Burger (2) Steingarten LA Burger Review (2) Stout Burger (1) Stout Burger Review (1) Street Burger Review (1) Stripburger burger (1) Stripburger burger review (1) Sub and Pub burger (1) Sub and Pub review (1) sunnyvale burger (1) sunnyvale burger review (1) Super Duper Burger (1) Super Duper Burger Review (1) Susan Feniger's Street Burger (1) T.K. Burger (1) tavern burger brentwood (1) Tavern review (1) Tessaro's burger (1) Tessaro's review (1) The Arsenal Burger (1) The Arsenal Burger Review (1) The Back Abbey Burger. The Back Abbey Burger Review (1) The Brindle Room Burger (1) The Brindle Room burger review (1) The Bucket Burger (1) The Bucket Burger Review (1) The Cellar burger (1) The Cellar review (1) the counter (3) the counter burger (3) The counter burger review (2) The Den of Hollywood Burger (1) The Den of Hollywood Burger Review (1) The Farm Of Beverly Hills burger (1) The Farm Of Beverly Hills burger review (1) The Fat Dog burger (1) The Fat Dog burger review (1) The Fix Burger (1) The Fix Burger Review (1) The Galley Burger (1) The Galley review (1) The Golden State Burger review (2) The Golden State Cafe Burger (2) The Habit Burger Grill (1) The Habit Burger Grill review (2) The Hollywood Corner Burger (1) The Hollywood Corner Burger Review (1) The Hungry cat burger (1) the hungry cat burger review (1) The Lab Brewing Company (1) The Lab Brewing Company Burger Review (1) The Lazy Ox Canteen burger (1) The Lazy Ox Canteen Burger Review (1) The Local Peasant Burger (1) The Local Peasant Burger Review (1) The London West Hollywood burger (1) The London West Hollywood Burger Review (1) The Melt Burger (1) The Melt Burger Review (1) The Misfit Burger (1) The Misfit Burger Review (1) The nook burger review (1) The Nook review (1) The Oaks Gourmet Market Burger (1) The Oaks Gourmet Market Burger Review (1) The Original Marty's Review (1) The Peppercorn Burger (1) The Peppercorn Burger Review (1) The Riders Club Cafe Burger (1) The Riders Club Cafe Burger Review (1) The Shack Burger (1) The Shack Burger Review (1) The SIx Burger Review (2) The Six Review (2) The Spotted Pig Burger (1) The Spotted Pig Burger Review (1) The Stand burger (1) The Stand review (1) The Standing Room (1) The Standing Room Burger (1) The Tavern on Main burger (1) The Tavern on Main review (1) The West Branch burger (1) The West Branch review (1) The Yard burger (2) the yard burger review (1) The Yard review (1) Thoma's Burger (1) Thoma's Burger Review (1) Tip Top Meats and European Deli (1) Tip Top Meats Burger (1) tip top meats burger review (1) TK Burgers (1) TK Burgers Review (1) Todd English P.U.B. Burger (1) Todd English P.U.B. Burger Review (1) Tom Galis (1) Tom's # 5 burger (1) Tom's Super Burger (1) Tom's Super Burger Review (1) Tompkins Square Burger (1) top LA burgers (1) Top LA Cheeseburgers (1) Top of the Notch Burger (1) Top of the Notch Burger Review (1) True Burger (1) True Burger Review (1) Truxton's American Bistro (1) Truxton's Burger (1) Truxton's Burger Review (1) twenty/20 burger review (1) twenty/20 grill and wine bar burger (1) umami (2) umami burger (5) Umami burger review (2) umami santa monica (1) Upper West Burger (1) Upper West Burger Review (1) urbandig (1) vegas burger review (1) venice burger review (1) Victor's Meats and Delicatessen (1) Victor's Meats and Delicatessen burger (1) vortex bar and grill (1) vortex bar and grill review (1) vortex burger review (1) Wabash Bar & Grill Burger (1) Wabash Bar & Grill Burger Review (1) West 4th and Jane burger (1) West 4th and Jane burger review (1) west los angeles burger review (9) westside tavern burger (1) westside tavern burger review (1) westwood burger review (3) Wolfgang Puck Burger (1) Wolfgang Puck Burger Review (1) wolfgang's burger review (2) wolfgang's steakhouse burger (2) worst burger (2) Worst burger in Las Vegas (1) Yuca's Burger (1) Yuca's Burger Review (1) zabies's burger (1) zabies's review (1) zagats (1) Zeke's Smokehouse burger (1) Zeke's Smokehouse review (1) Zuni Cafe burger review (1) zuni cafe burger (1) zuni cafe review (1) Zuni review Cafe (1)